Security Policies

Use of personal information

  1. Taking the content and scope of our operations into account, we will acquire, use, and provide the personal information of our clients and our managers appropriately.

    We will not use personal information for any purpose other than the purpose specified.

    Further, we will put measures into place to prevent the use of personal information for any purpose other than the purpose specified.

  2. We comply with all ordinances, nationally-dictated guidelines, and other standards.
  3. We will take any and all protective and corrective measures to prevent the disclosure of personal information and any resulting loss or damage.
  4. We will handle any grievances and consultations appropriately.
  5. We are continuously improving our personal information protection management system in order to handle all personal information approximately and thoroughly protect it.

Our confidentiality policy

Maintaining confidentiality is very important to us. The trust and faith of our clients is our lifeblood.

  1. We will never disclose the client’s name without written permission.
  2. We will not publish information, material, etc received in the course of a transaction without permission.
  3. Our protection of secrets is thorough. All of our staff and employees involved in operations have signed non-disclosure agreements.
  4. We will not disclose client names or consigned work for the purposes of promoting our previous achievements without written permission.
  5. While in some cases we introduce our works after removing information that could identify the client, we will obtain written permission beforehand.

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